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$3 of every internet order will be donated to a public education foundation in the state where the order is orignated.







Fund Raising with Parents Fit Kids Fun

Parents Fit Kids Fun is not only an enjoyable program for personal use; it is a concept that is meant to be shared. This can be accomplished to the benefit of organizations wishing to use the video as a tool for fund-raising. Organizations wanting to use the program include: pre-schools, day-care, elementary schools, churches, retirement organizations, as well as other organizations which support fitness, family time and child development.

Fit With Fun, LLC would like to support those organizations that choose to use the video as a fund-raising tool for their own efforts and programs focusing on these areas. The Parents Fit Kids Fun Fund Raising Program would give the organization a generously discounted video purchase price which would provide a substantial profit for every video sold at the retail list price.

The Fund Raising Program is designed to be simple. There are no tiered discount rates to calculate and order fulfillment is quick. Program materials would be provided including: Order Forms, Program Brochures and a demo DVD.

Please contact us for more information and to request your Fund Raising Program package.








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