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$3 of every internet order will be donated to a public education foundation in the state where the order is orignated.







Where did Parents Fit Kids Fun Originate?

A program for parent fitness, parent-child together-time, child development, and fun.

The Parents Fit Kids Fun program was designed to fulfill multiple needs. Those needs include parent’s fitness, parent child together-time during the child’s critical formative years, as well as enabling children to experience exercise in a positive context.

Hi. I’m Erich Smidt. Like many people, I evolved through the single student life to single work life to family life. During the single years I was generally in OK shape – there was always some time to take a jog or get a quick work-out in.

But, like many parents, at the same time when family life was starting to take a larger role, other responsibilities started taking more time – for example, work. This, of course, meant more time on the road, and more time in the office. As we all know, this translates into less time with the family, and… less exercise.

Over the years, I always thought that there had to be a win, win, win solution. Well, it finally occurred to me that there was a way to have fun with the kids, stay a little tone, and get back some of the family time that we were losing.

Enjoy Parents Fit Kid’s Fun. I hope that it helps bring a fun and fit break to your busy life.

Support Public Education

One of the primary goals of the Parents Fit Kids Fun video is to use some of the revenues generated from sales to support public education. Fit With Fun, LLC will donate $3.00 of every direct internet retail sale to a state educational foundation in the state where the order was originated.

Enjoy Parents Fit Kid’s Fun. I hope that it helps bring a fun and fit break to your busy life.

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